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Winter Camp- Your 2022 Adventure (Open for All)

CampWinter Camp Adventure – 2022

20th to 26th December 2022 

Place : YERCAUD (Tamil Nadu)  –  Rs. 31,500, Age Criteria – 9 to 12 Years ,   (5N & 6D) + Travelling 

For Query contact us on +91 9909122000

Winter Camp- Your 2022 Adventure Starts Here!

We’re back, and better than ever for 2022, we at Sunita’s Makerspace are super excited to announce our upcoming Winter Camp!

Our Winter Camps are all about getting children together in small groups to socialize, learn from one another and share the adventure. With a huge selection of activities, our Makers will be challenged and excited all day!

Our camp provides an opportunity to-

● Discover new places & meet new people
● Connect with local communities
● Participate in a range of activities from adventure to team-building.

Planned WOW Activities in YERCAUD

  • Outdoor Survival: What do you do if you get lost? How do you improvise shelter? How does one find direction without a compass? How do you build a fire? How do you rescue lost mates or signal for help? This experience helps build skills around these questions.
  • Rock Climbing : Starting with bouldering skills and introduction to equipment, the course moves to 3-point climbing. Lateral challenges are provided to ensure both challenge and fun
  • Night Out : Participants will put their backpacking knowledge and skills to use when they plan and execute a night out, here they will be self sufficient in cooking, setting up their own tents and spending time outside the confines of Base camp

Different types of Learning Initiatives- cool time Activities

Zipline, Helter Skelter(inme olympics) & more…

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