Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space


Start your creative journey and find a unique version of yourself.


Tap into your creative side as you learn to think beyond the brush and canvas, experiment with different media & artistic expressions!

Join fellow learners as you imagine, conceptualize, and create products, merging culture & science. Crafting plants a seed of innovation in the mind which may one day grow beyond our wildest dreams.

Learn the secret language of the soul – dancing. One of the best modes of creative outflow that helps relieve stress and brings people together.

Jump into a world of characters, actors & stories in the journey of theatre, acting, and direction as you learn all about character building & self-expression.

Start your journey as an athlete to master physical and mental skills on the playground with team spirit, focus, and fun.

Train your vocal and playing skills as you lean into a stream of musical musings with violins, guitars, organs, and your voice!

Observe the world around you with a different lens, things hidden in plain sight and the extraordinary hidden within the ordinary – all things come to light in a photographic frame.


Discover and experiment with the ideas that drive the world.

Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things. Learners are educated to see mathematics as a building block of future creations.
Join fellow mathletes to build the path of logical solutions to practical problems.

Discover a journey full of learning where you learn to find questions and answers to all the things around us.

Become a changemaker by learning about the technology that drives our world and innovates the future.


Learn the magic of nature and society that helps us heal and grow.


Join an environment-loving community and learn how you can do your part for a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

Turn towards the bigger picture of social change to help build community ties & bring a sense of cultural belonging.


Grow your problem-solving & teamwork skills.

Learn a new language and open the doors to a whole new world. The written word travels far and wide from newsletters to social media your words create impact.

Take the next step towards success with the courage and confident of a public speaker.

Rome was not built in a day! Learn to coordinate and execute all aspects of an event from budgets, schedules, permissions, decor, security, to backups and full-proof planning.

Our Debate Club and sharpen your public speaking skills while discussing current events and important issues. Our club offers a platform for students to express their thoughts and opinions in a respectful and engaging environment.