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Maker's Day Celebration

Every year, Sunita’s Makerspace hosts Makers’ Day for students, parents and faculty to celebrate and showcase creativity, innovation, exposure to new activities, encouraging personality development and just be a day of beyond-the-curriculum wholesome fun!

Maker's Day 2023

“The heart of the mother is divinity of Nature”

Gajera Trust has proudly hosted a remarkable Maker’s Day celebration on December 16 and 17, 2023, embracing the core concepts of creativity, innovation, social, and synergy. This grand event was orchestrated by Sunita’s Makerspace, a visionary platform dedicated to cultivating a passion-centered pedagogy and fostering an environment where learning becomes an empowering journey for young minds. Sunita’s Makerspace is not just an initiative; it is a movement urging individuals to delve into their interests, thus contributing to the creation of a community brimming with vibrant and thriving citizens.

Maker's Day 2022 (Theme - Make Your Space)

The month-long Maker’s Day competition has finally ended with the grand finale on Maker’s Land. The winners emerged beating a tough competition that saw more than two thousand entries from maker all over the country which was not a mean feat for them. During the finals they had to prove their mettle once again in front of the keen eyes of judges. Projects and prototypes were on display. Dance and music performances reverberated in the hall. 

Maker's Day 2021 (Theme - Mother Nature)

“Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch” This year’s Maker’s Day celebrations were celebrated enthusiastically with the theme of mother nature. On display, were several interactive projects infused with eco-friendly materials and impact across the categories of INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, SOCIAL, and SYNERGY.

Makers Day Virtual Event -2020 (Theme - Tomorrowland)​

Sunita’s Makerspace, organized an open-for-the community online competition to celebrate Maker’s Day, an event that is held every year to encourage learners to give expression to their creative ideas. An open-for-the community online competition on the theme “Tomorrowland” to celebrate Maker’s Day in which participants presented their imagined world of the future in the form of posters, poems, videos and PowerPoint presentations. 

Makers Day - 2019 (Theme - Mother Nature)​

“If conservation of natural resources goes wrong, nothing else will go right.” Sunita’s Makerspace celebrates ‘JUNIOR MAKERS DAY’ with the theme Mother Nature through various competitions – Geet Gunjan, Vaktavya, and Vigyan Darshan. It is a step toward awareness of conserving nature.

Sustainable Maker’s Day - 2017

This day is celebrated annually where Makers from all the clubs of Sunita’s Makerspace enthusiastically display their projects, performances, concepts, and much more to the parents and community.