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Gajera global school, Pal.


  • Step 1 – Design the Fun ride model.
  • Step 2 – Separate the Model in parts and print all parts in 3D Printer.
  • Step 3 – Join all parts using glue and fix perfectly aligned.
  • Step 4 – Join the Forward revers Switch circuit with battery and motor.
  • Step 5 – Check the speed of ride with different volt battery connections.


  • 3D Printer,9v DC 30rpm Motor,9V DC Battery ,Battery clip
  • On/Off Switch,Plastic Box,Connecting Wires


• The key components for working this ride are DC-motor, DPDT (Double Pole Double

Throw) switch and battery

• The fun ride has simple working principle. When the switch is On, battery will give power to

motor and motor will rotate whole ride. There is function of DPDT Switch is, move to motor

Forward and Reverse Direction. DPDT Switch contain one side power input. When the DPDT

Switch is turn on at Upside it will move ride clock wise and if the switch of is turn On at

Down side it will move in anticlockwise direction.

Learning Outcome:

Student have learned how the rides are working.

They learn to use DPDT switch and its wiring connection.

Student will get knowledge about how to rotate motor Forward and Reverse Directions.

How the batteries of different volt are effects in speed of Motor.


  • Aditaanan Rajeshkumar Bhagat (Grade - 4)
  • Veer Jigarkumar jethva (Grade - 4 )