Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space

“The heart of
the mother,
is divinity
of nature”

The story of the red flower

Many ask me where we got the idea for the Sunita’s Makerspace logo – the red flower with four petals cradling the letters SM in the middle. The story is as simple and elegant as the logo itself. Whenever my mother could find some time for herself, she would sit down, with pen and paper, and start doodling. Once, she was drawing something and I walked by and looked at it. Of course, it didn’t mean much at that time. She was just giving shape to her passing thoughts. I simply looked on. Little did we know, that doodle would one day become our brand image! But isn’t that’s how great ideas take birth.
Today my mother is no longer with us. But those beautiful moments of creation will live forever as our logo. Now whenever I see the logo, everything flashes back vividly, as if it was only yesterday – the moment I saw it, the way she was sitting, the way she looked at me, everything.

Our first flight

On 18th April 2015, Creative and Strategic Director of the Trust, Ms. Kinjal Chunibhai Gajera together with a Team of Gajera Vidyabhavan, Katargam launched the first Sunita’s Makerspace at Vatsalyadham, with a purpose to impart life-supporting skills to the thriving children at the school. At Sunita’s Makerspace,  mundane teaching ends and the excitement of learning begins.

Founder’s message

“I want to support and encourage individuals to flourish their passion into a career”
Sunita’s makerspace is an initiative and a movement to encourage individuals to be passionate and explore their fields of interest; ultimately creating a community full of thriving citizens.
We always focus on social and environmental impact, channelizing the power of makers for creating a progressive world. Education with exploration is a tool to achieve it.
Our activities are focused around skill development and holistic learning, where children are imparted critical thinking, problem solving, communication and experimental learning. I believe that every individual has tremendous potential to grow and progress. We want to enable curious individuals with an innovative platform to connect, share, and collaborate to develop creative ideas into sustainable projects.