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The Story of the Red Flower with Four Petals

Many ask me where we got the idea for the Sunita’s Makerspace logo — the red flower with four petals cradling the letters SM in the middle. The story of where we got the idea is as simple and elegant as the logo itself. Whenever my mother could find some time for herself, she would sit down, with pen and paper, and would start doodling. So she was drawing something on paper and I walked near her and looked at it. Of course, it didn’t mean much at that time. She was just giving shape to her runaway thoughts. I simply looked on. Little did we know that doodle will become our brand image. But then, that’s how great ideas take birth, isn’t it?

Today my mother is no longer with us. But those beautiful moments of creation will live forever as the logo. Now whenever I see the logo, everything flashes back vividly as if it was only yesterday — the moment when I saw it, the way she was sitting, the way she looked at me, everything.

When we started Sunita’s Makerspace, we decided to have her initials in the middle as a tribute to her. The logo now constantly reminds us how creative work becomes a legacy and a beacon light for all of us to follow. In fact, leaving a legacy by making a positive impact remains the goal for us. It could be in any form — a painting, a poem, a story, a sculpture, and even a doodle.

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