Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space

Smt S.H Gajera Vidyabhavan - Katargam


  • Step 1 – Take one base of wooden sheet and stick the polymer sheet on it.
  • Step 2 – Take the 12v Two big and small fans joint it with two big and small heat sink and joint it to the base.
  • Step 3 – Close the all boundaries with polymer sheet and give it the shape of AC.
  • Step 4 – Make the tilt the front side of ac for set up the cooling area.


  • Polymer sheet,230v high speed fan,wires and glue gun
  • 12v DC fan Small and small heat sink,12v DC fan big and big heat sink
  • 230v ac to 12v DC power supply


It works as efficient as the normal ac. when we give the power to the Ac The Thermo elctric peltier will cool the air of it's surrounding and the fans will pass this cool air to outside of AC. There is one temperature meter is also there and it shows the temperature dropping and increasing values.

Learning Outcome:

Students will get knowledge about how the AC is functioning and they know about what are the materials used in it so they can make it at home and can take it anywhere due to it’s compact size.Students has learn how to solve the daily life problems and create some new idea with practical work.


  • Hirani Jenit – Grade 7
  • Vani Om – Grade 7
  • Dholariya Trupal – Grade 7
  • Ghoghariay Rudra – Grade 7
  • Gajera Prit – Grade 7