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Smt. S. H. Gajera Secondary & Higher Secondary School, Katargam


  • Step 1 – Take one PVC 1-meter pipe
  • Step 2 – Take Arduino UNO, Some Jumper Wire, Battery and Ultrasonic sensor
  • Step 3 – Write a Program in Arduino and Upload in to AtMega 328
  • Step 4 – Connect an Ultrasonic sensor with Arduino using Connecting wires also connect a Vibration motor or Buzzer with Arduino
  • Step 5 – Connect Battery with Arduino using DC Connector and Switch On the battery Power


  • PVC Stick, Switch(on/off)
  • 9V DC Battery, Buzzer 5V Max
  • Vibration Motor 5V DC
  • Male to Female or Female to Male Connecting wires
  • Ultrasonic sensor HC-SR04
  • Arduino UNO ATmega 328


This Smart stick will have an Ultrasonic sensor to sense distance from any obstacle.

Arduino and simple sensors to build a Blind man’s stick that could perform more than just a stick for visually impaired persons.

Visually impaired people find difficulties detecting obstacles in front of them, during walking in the street, which makes it dangerous. The smart stick comes as a proposed solution to enable them to identify the world around.

In this project, we propose a solution, represented in a smart stick with detect stair-cases and pair of ultrasonic sensor to detect any other obstacles in front of the user, within a range.

A controller will be used to monitor and analyze the data from the sensors and feedback to the user through a vibration sensor and buzzer.

The smart stick is of low cost, fast response, low power consumption, lightweight.

Learning Outcome:

Students will get knowledge about Ultrasonic sensor and how its program with Arduinos

Students has learn how to solve the Problem of Visually Impaired person.

Students get knowledge about how to sense Distance using Ultrasonic sensor


  • Dubey Vachani Grade - 7
  • Dhruv Raghvani Grade - 7
  • Kaushal barla Grade - 7
  • Yana Gauswami Grade - 7
  • Pinal Mandaliya Grade - 7
  • Akshar Jariwala Grade - 7