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Give the power to the lamp and it will grow.

Gajera Global School - Pal


  • Step 1 – Design the Whole casing of lamp and print it in 3d printing.
  • Step 2 – Take one lamp, west 3cord wire and one waste plug. Joint the west 3 cord and plug wire with soldering.
  • Step 3 – Joint the wire with lamp and fix it into the designed casing.
  • Step 4 – Give the direct power of current and test the lamp is working or not.
  • Step 5 –The working of light is simple but the use of waste material to make this lamp is more effective we had created this amazing lamp from 3d printing and use the west wire from the non-working soldering machine.


  • 3D Printer, One small lamp,One plug,3D printing material
  • Three cord wire,3D pen,3 pin plug from non-working soldering machine

Learning Outcome:

Electric components have their specialty that there are always some use full materials which is you can use from the wastage of it and student learns this concept.


  • Sunny Prajapati - Grade 7
  • Saumay Savalia - Grade 7