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  • Step 1 –Connect -ve of battery with -ve of Buzzer and connect +ve of buzzer with starter.
  • Step 2– Connect +ve of battery with switch
  • Step 3 – Connect switch and starter with wire.
  • Step 4–Make a closed circuit with help of all these components
  • Step 5 – Fire alarm is ready


This model is used for fire safety and it works on principle of temperature and its effect on resistor. When temperature of starter will increase by fire then resistance of starter will decrease. This will let the current to flow within circuit and the buzzer will ring.

Project Outcomes:

Students will get knowledge about different types of resistor and how it is affectedby increase and decrease in temperature.


  • Manthan Gajera – Grade 7
  • PurvBeladiya – Grade 7
  • Riya Kunjadiya – Grade 7
  • NencySurani – Grade 8