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It works on efficient as the normal Grass Cutter Car. It’s Battery Operated Car. When we on the power switch we can control the car using Remote it Makes with DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) Switch. Through the DPDT switch Car Move Forward, Reverse, Left or Right. After that car put on the lawn and Switch ON Cutter blade motor through a Switch.

Smt S.H Gajera Vidyabhavan - Katargam


  • Step 1 – first take one robot casing and joint motor
  • Step 2 –now take two motor and attach to the end of horizontal line of “T” shape (north motor-south motor).
  • Step 3 – now attach two wheel to the shaft of that motor.
  • Step 4 –Then attach two motor to the Doan side position of horizontal line of “T” shape and attach Blade to the shape of that too motors.


  • Motor,Battery 12v1.3ah rechraeable Batter,Cutter Blade,Rainbow Wires
  • 300RPM (rotation pen min) 12v DC GEARED MOTOR,If no load current= 60ma MAX 8 motor
  • Load current=300ma (max),ROBOT CASING,Two wooden stick of T shape
  • DPDT switch(Double pole Double throw),9v Buzzer,3 Normal Switch,Wheels

Learning Outcome:

Student will Get Knowledge about Motor and how to control forward and reverse. Also how to work motor and how to control through a DPDT switch. Students learn about wiring Diagram of DPDT switch or how to control the robo car using switches.


  • Prasam Bharodiy - Grade 7
  • Om Vaadiya - Grade 7
  • Vraj Desai - Grade 6
  • Param Golaviya - Grade 6
  • Parisha patel - Grade 5
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