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Gajera Global School - Pal


  • Step 1 – Design the All atoms of chemical components and design the bonds of atoms with proper dimensions.
  • Step 2 – Print the all models in 3d printer and post process with finishing.
  • Step 3 – Joint the all components with using 3d pen and soldering machine.
  • Step 4 – Post process the atoms.


  • 3D Printer
  • 3D Printing Material
  • Soldering Machine
  • Glue gun


This structure gives the students the ideas about how the bonds are created and how the small and big atoms are connected to each other. Students had considered the all size and shape of atoms and bonds so that others can feel the difference between different structures.

Learning Outcome:

This model gives the ideas how the small atoms working and teach us as they are right in front of us. Always people will learn better with feeling the things by themselves and now they can with this model.

Design Team

  • Sumaiya Arab - Grade 7
  • Dhruvi Talaviya - Grade 7

Assembling Team

  • Angle Thakkar - Grade 2
  • Diya Sarkar - Grade 2
  • Krishna Uppary - Grade 3
  • Ved Patel - Grade 3
  • Ashutosh Sen - Grade 3
  • Shruti Soni - Grade 6
  • Vedanti Paul - Grade 8