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Maker's Day 2023

“The heart of the mother is divinity of Nature”

Gajera Trust has proudly hosted a remarkable Maker’s Day celebration on December 16 and 17, 2023, embracing the core concepts of creativity, innovation, social, and synergy. This grand event was orchestrated by Sunita’s Makerspace, a visionary platform dedicated to cultivating a passion-centered pedagogy and fostering an environment where learning becomes an empowering journey for young minds. Sunita’s Makerspace is not just an initiative; it is a movement urging individuals to delve into their interests, thus contributing to the creation of a community brimming with vibrant and thriving citizens.

This celebration holds profound significance as it pays tribute to the legacy of the late Shrimati Sunita Chuni Bhai Gajera, whose ardor for education and creativity continues to inspire the school’s initiatives. The Maker’s Day extravaganza unveiled a myriad of exhibits, spanning from eco-friendly innovations to captivating artistic creations. Approximately 2500 students actively participated, unveiling 150 stalls that showcased the students’ commitment to sustainability and artistic expression.

Commencing at 9:30 a.m., the program kicked off with the lighting of lamps, Ganesh Vandana, and a formal inaugural ceremony. Students demonstrated their skills through various forms of expression, including dance, drama, poster-making, singing, and project development. The Maker’s Day celebration emerged as a hub for innovative thought, attracting a diverse array of individuals who brought new ideas to the forefront.

The echoes of creativity and collaboration reverberate throughout the school, providing tangible evidence of the lasting impact of Maker’s Day. Gajera Trust remains steadfast in its commitment to furnishing a platform that not only nurtures innovation but also celebrates the indomitable spirit of creativity among its learners.