Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space

Theme - Mother Nature (8 - 12 Std)


1. Waste to Wonder

Learners will prepare sculpture using waste.

2.Nature on canvas

Learners will make 3D design of nature on canvas by using pebbles, twigs, coir etc.

3. Rhythm of Life

Learners will write and recite poem on the following points:

1.Ten syllables in one line

2.The poem should be in couplets

3.The minimum number of lines should be ten.

4.The theme is mother nature. Sub themes could be:



       c.Any flower you like

      d. Human nature and nature   

4.Cypher (dance) For Nature

Learners will prepare a solo/or a duet dance on the mother-nature theme. 

5.Rattle Beats from Nature

Leaners will form a school band for which the instruments will be made using naturally available materials only. Some instruments may be found ready-made in nature.   


1.Innovate to Renovate

Learners in pair (2 students) will make working models on any of the topic given below:

  1. Water as Resource
  2. Nature to Fibre
  3. Waste as Resource.
2.Codes in Nature

Learners in pair (2 students) will prepare animations/games or apps on eco-system .


1.Terra Scientia (Quiz on Environment)

A learner with a parent can participate in the quiz competition. The topic will solely be on environment.

2.Heroes Everywhere (Corona Warrior Award)

Learners will prepare a presentation or interview on corona warrior. The interview should be video recorded.


1. Budding Entrepreneurs

Learners will sell eco-friendly merchandise that will raise awareness about nature conservation.