Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space

Smt. S. H. Gajera Primary School - Gujarati Medium.


  • Step 1 – Take one base of Plywood board and Draw Airport runway
  • Step 2 – Make a Dome using Sun board sheet
  • Step 3 – Cover from transparent sheet
  • Step 4 – Make Street light using LED or Spoon
  • Step 5 – Make a motorized gate using DC Motor
  • Step 6 – Connect Solar panel with the Street light or motorized Gate


  • Wooden 12mm sheet, 12v DC Solar Panel,DC Motor
  • 230v to 12v DC Power supply,LED,wires and glue gun,Wire tap



The CIAL Solar Power Project is a 40 megawatt (MW) photo voltaic power station.

Cochin International Airport became the first fully solar-powered airport in the world with the commissioning the plant.

When Sun light drop at Solar panel, than electricity will be generated by Solar Panel.

We have used 6W Solar plate that will be On all Street Light.

Learning Outcome:

Students will get knowledge about how to work Solar panel and how to Generate electricity from Solar plates

Also Student will Get ideas about Structure of Solar Airport


  • Yug Gundraniya [Grade 8-F]
  • Jay Hirpara [Grade 8-F]
  • Karan Vasani [Grade 8-F]