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Gajera Trust had organized TEDx event at one of its educational institutions: Laxmi Vidyapeeth on 2nd June’19, in Sarigam, Valsad. This creative event was inspired by the theme “ECHO” – Ideas Executed, which asserted to various topics from Nuclear Science, to Khadi, to Dignified Rice Farming, etc. This inspiring event was an opportunity for people to explore thoughts, discuss ideas, and reflect on the roots of life.

TEDx Laxmi Vidyapeeth featured eight speakers namely:
1.Dr. Sudarshan Iyengar – Educationist & Environment Activitist, spoke about ‘Gandhi for us now’.
2.Mr. Amit Gangar – Indian Film Scholar, Theorist, & Writer, spoke about ‘The Rigour Of Austerity’.
3.Mr. Shekhar Bhadsavle – Farmer & Innovator, spoke about ‘Dignifying Rice-Farming for Sustainability’.
4.Dr. Sanghamitra Desai – Gandhian and Social Activist, spoke about ‘Khadi: The Fabric Of Freedom’.
5.Mr. Shardul Patil – an Architect, spoke about ‘Community Crafted Architecture’.
6.Dr. Radhakrishna Nair – Forest Creator, spoke about ‘The Language Of Nature’.
7.Dr. Surendra Gadekar – Nuclear Activist & Physicist, spoke about ‘India’s Energy Choices In The Age Of Global Warming’.
8.Dr. Bhairavi Joshi – Dental Surgeon, Bicycle Mayor, & Author, spoke about ‘My Garbage My Responsibility’.

The day was filled with enthusiasm, inspiration, and passion. The goal was to share the ideas with the community that was well thought and implemented.
The event started by lamp lighting ceremony by the minister of state for forests & tribal development Shree Ramanlal Patkar, along with Managing Trustee Shree Chunibhai Gajera.
Hence, this successful event of 600+ gathering ended after paying tribute to the deceased of a recent fire incident in Surat, followed by the national anthem.