Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space

Age Group 6-10 Years


1. Poster Making Competition -Tomorrow's World of My Dreams

How would it be if you can draw a future world in your imagination?Posters are tools that enable visualization to foster participants learning. It contains a future-oriented core idea articulated in a coherent design concept.

Participants demonstrate through original drawings their dream of a world in future which would be green and pollution free.

2. Story-telling/Poem Writing

What would life be like the future a thousand years from now?

What can participants see around them? How far has space and technology advanced?

Participants imagine, research and write a poem or story that will interpret the theme “Tomorrowland”. They will recite or narrate it showcasing their skills.

3. Futuristic Toy Making

Whether aspiring young inventors are designing flying cars or teleporters, they will have the chance to share their visions for the technology of the future.

The competition invites kids of age 6 to 10 years to imagine themselves in the future and report back to the present through video and images about new futuristic invention of toys.

4.Futuristic Dance Video

With a view to the future, the performance reflects digitization and mechanization artistically.

The dance performance merges 3-dimensional motion graphics with acrobatics and dance. The movements of the artists are embedded in a scene generated via video mapping.

Participants submit a video showing the art of dance and choreography. The idea is to record a concept through a desired angle or perspective that shows future culture and society.


Participants can prepare models/videos/PPTs on the following topics:

1.Technically Creative Clothes and shoes

In the future we might wear something that responds and changes its shape  according  to the gazes of the people around us. People might as well find a practical application of technology in clothing. A kind of jacket or shoe allows you to answer your smartphone by tapping on any of its part or protect from viruses/bacteria.

Participants submit models, PPTs or videos of technically creative clothes and shoes on the future imagination

2.Nature Friendly gadgets

Participants imagine, research and create a model/ video/PPT making tech as green as can be, eco-friendly gadgets that are efficient and good to the environment. Whether camping equipment or a simple charger, these green products are perfect for those that practice a green lifestyle.


3.Innovative Futuristic Houses

The innovative housing concepts include examples from all over the world. A lot of the focus falls on sustainable construction, affordable homes, as well as cutting-edge technology’s role in design. 3D-printing is spotlighted as many are produce housing concepts  that showcase the immense advantages of the particular mode of production from its inherent affordability to its eco-conscious agenda.The imagination produces mind-boggling housing concepts that just might work in future decades and gives individuals the ability to grow their own home.


Participants will prepare PPTs on the following topics:

1.Eco friendly Housing/travelling

Participants will submit a PPT of an Eco friendly housing which is an environmentally low- impact home designed and built using  materials and technology that reduce its carbon footprint and lower its energy needs or on the theme undertaken to change the way we travel to nurture a network that will thrive on the kind of tourism that respects  nature, the economy and the local communities.

2.Revival of Extinct/Endangered Species

Participants think about species disappearing every day. Many have vanished since long. These rates do not bode well for the future of life on our planet, but what if extinction wasn’t permanent? What if we could resurrect some of the species we’ve lost?

Presentation focuses on the question that we should bring extinct species back from the dead.


1.Elocution Competition (Topic: My Dream Job/Business/Profession for the future)

Participants include things like what  they would like to do and who they would like to work with. They focus on the things that show up about why those things are exciting to  them. It can be including work-life balance, salary, and vacation time and company culture having values that overlap with those of the company.

*General Rules for Maker’s Day Participants:

  • E-Certificates will be given to all the participants.
  • Participants need to think of 100 years from now.
  • The ideas should be original –adaptations are acceptable but not plagiarism.
  • Participants can take part in maximum 2 competitions only.
  • Participants of age group 11 to 14 and 15 to 18 can make group of 3-4 participants to participate in competitions like Fusion music for the future, Drama on theme – Futuristic Life and Futuristic Dance .
  • Judgement criteria: 50% weightage to number of likes by viewers and 50% weightage will be given to judges’ and experienced mentor’s decision.
  • The competitions are open for all
  • The voiceovers in the PPTs and videos should be of the participants only.
  • Interested participants can register themselves for the competition between 1st October 2020 and 12th October 2020.
  • The participants can upload their videos/PPTs from 12th October 2020 to 17th October.
  • Voting for the competition will start from 18th October 2020 and end on 22nd October.
  • The results of the competition will be announced from 22nd October 2020 onwards.
  • Exciting prizes will be given to Winners.
  • To register for the competition click on the following link: