Sunita's makerspace – All you need is space

Smt. S. H. Gajera Primary School, Utran.


  • Step 1 – Arrange two motor at a distance in the tray.
  • Step 2 – Arrange two coaches on the motor.
  • Step 3 – 1 Keep a bottle of lid inside the compartment and place a circular sheet on it and paste the three-letter box on the sheet.
  • Step 4 – Pour the bottle of a bottle in a 2nd container box and paste it on a third bucket.
  • Step 5 – Now, stick the copper wire with a piece of wood in the lower part of the train and take a third motor and attach the bottle lid to it..
  • Step 6 – Connect the wires between the three motor.


  • Three cans,Tray,Footer,3 motor (12 volts),Wire (3 meters)
  • M-seal, bottle lid,Wood,Copper Wire,Outlet

Learning Outcome:

Student will get knowledge about how to work Washing Machin and how to Day Clothes.

Also Learner will get Knowledge about motors and it rpm and how to control motor using switch.

Also they will learn how to make a Dryer bucket of Washing machine and different designs of buckets.


  • Vaghasiya Khushi [Grade 8-B]
  • Kathiriya Shruti [Grade 8-B]
  • Radadiya Dhanshree [Grade 8-B]
  • Mayani Yesha [Grade 8-B]
  • Vaghasiya Disha [Grade 8-B]
  • Gajera Sakshi [Grade 8-B]
  • Kothiya Heti [Grade 8-A]
  • Shingala Manasavi [Grade 6-C]
  • Nakarani Tirth [Grade 7-A]
  • Jogani Vaidik [Grade 7-A]
  • Donda Karm [Grade 7-A]
  • Talaviya Yug [Grade 7-A]