Koladiya Heta Nilesh Bhai
My vardi is important to my life and 💖
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#MakeMemoriesWithDadContest #Sunitasmakerspace
Happy father's day papa... it's like i never said or expressed to you but i truly love you papa.... every moment spent with you was much memorable.... I've seen you through every phase and there's only one phase which i liked ... it's when you smile and laugh .....we express our feelings towards mummy but it's hard to express infront of father idk why but it's like after sharing something with papa you'll just feel some kind of relief and relaxation.... mummy teach us that how to love but papa teach us how to survive......there are many superheroes in real life too and papa is one of them and every kid meant this for their father......dad , daddy , papa , pops , bapuji , appa......many words one emotion ❤️... once again Happy father's day papa ❤️🤌🏻
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buha yug jayntilal
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Riddhi Brijeshbhai Kanthariya
#social #publicspeaking #sunitamakerspace #india #gajera
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Tagadiya Meer
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I am happy to interact with nature and also happy to be a part of this earth.
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Amey Yogesh Vele
We two are inseparable. We share a lot of common interests and always look for the opportunity to spend time together. Those who know us , call us JAY - VEERU.
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Harsh Pragnesh Maniya
The Planet Green Earth
Plant Green Earth
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Hiral Chavada
Mini zoo forest theme project
#lovenature #savenature #zoo# save forest #saveaimals
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Krina Savani
Planting a tree
#nature #planting #awarness
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Hetansh vithalani Vithalani
This is about Trees are our green friends, We have to save trees
#save trees, trees save us
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Vihaan Korat
vihaan korat is going to present on animal conservation he will explain about meaning and type of conservation. moreover why we need to do animal conservation and who started this activity first. further more he explained about different ways to do animal conservation. finally vihaan conclude the lesson of the project.
conserve animal to maintain ecological balance of earth
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